Coffee Drip Box - 30 Pack
La Veen 30 Pack
Coffee Drip Box - 30 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Coffee Drip Box - 30 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, La Veen 30 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Coffee Drip Box - 30 Pack

Coffee Drip Box - 30 Pack

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The La Veen Coffee Drip Box is perfect for those who want to make their coffee last or give a coffee lover the perfect gift! Individually sealed drip bags ensure maximum freshness and shelf life!

Coffee Selection: 30 Sweet Mary Raine (Light roast), 30 Heritage (medium roast) or 30 Decaf (Dark roast)

Serves per pack: 30 Individual bag

How to use Coffee Drip Bag

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Great tasting coffee + easy to prepare! No equipment needed, just add hot water! Enjoy La Veen Coffee Drip Bags at home, at work or on the road! For coffee lovers!


Create Your Own Drip Bag Design

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Make your own Coffee drip bag. (Minimum 30 units) 

Looking for a great promotional product for your business? Want to get a gift for your guests at your next event? Add your logo to our drip bags!

Drips Bags are a unique solution to delicious and easy to make coffee, developed by La Veen! Our Drip Bags come individually sealed to provide maximum shelf life and freshness, resulting in tasty coffee whenever you want (or need) it!

Simply tear open the Drip Bag, place on top of your favourite mug and add hot water! You’ll never need to drink instant coffee again!

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