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La Veen Coffee Cart Catering

Flexible & Professional

Bring your next event to the next level with La Veen Coffee Cart Catering. Specializing in bringing a high quality café experience to any event in and around Western Australia.

We will bring the coffee, professionalism, high quality eats and simplicity to your special day. We offer different packages to accommodate any event. 

Coffee Cart Catering Perth

Coffee Cart Catering Packages


Our Coffee Cart service brings renowned La Veen espresso coffee to you. Every cup is perfected with finely sourced coffee + local milk.


Don't spend your time stressing over what to choose for your next event. We make the process simple so you can spend more time enjoying tasty food and entertaining your guests.


Simple and quick. Great for where you have heavy foot traffic, kids and family friendly events.


A favourite in many circle. The classic Australian sausage sizzle with delicious coffee on tap. Great for families, kids, adults and everyone in between.

Create your own Drip bag coffee


Looking for a great promotional product for your business? Want to get a gift for your guests at your next event?

Add your logo to our drip bags!

How to use drip bag cooffee

High Quality Coffee

High Quality Equipment

High Quality Eats

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