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About version 2 La Veen Coffee


We strive to have a point of difference. The experience at La Veen Coffee is unique to what you may have experienced before. We believe that an inhale of our aroma, a sip of our coffee and a breath of our atmosphere is all you need to realise that the quality, detail and sophistication is unlike any other.

We know our product well and are not scared to take on new challenge and adventure. We are always learning more to move forward with every aspect of our Branding and Business.

- Founders of La Veen Coffee -


La Veen Coffee is a dynamic business concept in the coffee industry. We believe in the fundamental philosophy of guaranteed quality by establishing business through ethical choices. We believe the first steps in developing sustainable supply chains is through transparent buying practices. We work closely with those who share these values.

Great coffee doesn't just happen. In order to achieve delicious coffee that we all love, we believe the supply chain must work together. From producers to roasters to baristas, empowerment of each member of the supply chain is imperative in order to generate greater working conditions, fair pay and of course high quality coffee.


La Veen promise to always act and pursue within our core values:

- Ethical Manner

- Quality assurance and quality check in every aspect

- Making a sustainable and credible difference

- Support local businesses and economy

- Value Non-toxin, biodegradable & recyclable material

"We understand that quality is non-negotiable"


We aim to set our global footprint as a leader in the coffee industry by building a strong ethical and sustainable business. We seek new challenges and the opportunities that they present. We strive to openly and flexibly share an honest and transparent business model with all of our distributors and partners.

We aim to maintain an on-going re-investment into our R&D, branding and packaging to ensure that all health, safety + quality is kept at highest standards.


Our coffee is for the doers, the go-getters, the adventurers, the risk takers and the innovators. It’s for those who enjoy the ritual of making their own coffee every morning, those who take to the road and explore the world and those that choose to share the experience with friends and family.

- Our team shall at all times keep up to date with technology, innovation, knowledge and experience.

- Our team shall always share and train each other in maintaining high standards in coffee + food delivery to all our customers.

- Our team shall strive to share, develop and grow our philosophies and values globally

- Our team will strive to adapt to future challenges, assist our partners in growth and seek out new opportunities.


Interested in joining La Veen Coffee?

Low Wait Times / Consistent Quality / Great Service

We provide industry's leading support + training for franchises, ensuring you are set up for success!


La Veen Coffee represent a deeply rooted specialist in quality assurance embracing advancement in Automation Technology, Clear Offerings, Unique Food/Beverage to ensure all partnerships grow business without sacrificing clienteles well-being.

Invest, partner and grow a win-win business with us



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