Exotic - Honduras Benjamin Paz [Geisha]

Exotic Coffee Drip Bag

  • Country: Honduras
  • Region: Concepcion del Sur, Santa Barbara
  • Producer: Benjamin Paz
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Process: Dbl. Anaerobic Washed
  • Flavour: Jasmine, apricot, honey, & lemongrass

  • A man on a mission. Mr Benjamin Paz is as energetic and curious as we are here at Proud Mary. He spearheads the Beneficio San Vicente operation in Peña Blanca, which helps local producers improve their yields and quality, and connects them with international direct trade buyers. Being friends with Benjamin for many years, we were lucky to be offered some of the first yields from his Geisha. It was out of this world! So floral… so fruity… so yum. Later, this same lot was submitted into the Cup of Excellence competition, and it scored an incredible 90.07 points! That’s a presidential award for a presidential coffee. Roast by Proud Mary

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