Exotic - Ethiopia U.Claret [Supernatural]

  • Country + Region: Ethiopia + Uraga Uraga
  • Producer: Primrose
  • Varietal + Process: Heirloom + Supernatural Process 
  • Flavour: Deep Citrus, Red Cherry, Raspberry, Milk Chocolate
  • About: This wave of flavour runs hotter than a bullet train. Feel the cracks of thunder pulsate through your body as you say, ‘is this coffee??? The best thing is, you’re riding this gargantuan wave with your favourite people. Look left, look right. Smiles and screams echo through this beastly wave as it swirls in your mouth. We think you’ve reached what can only be described as Nirvana. This coffee is from another planet. A once in a lifetime experience, friends. Welcome to the land of the Supernatural. Roasted by Proud Mary Coffee Roaster
  • Serves per pack: 1 (12g)

  • To Purchase this amazing coffee, Click here

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