Exotic - Colombia R.Lasso [Gesha]

  • Country + Region: Colombia + Andes, Nariño
  • Producer: Raquel Lasso
  • Elevation: 2000 masl
  • Varietal + Process: Gesha + Washed Process 
  • Flavour: Apricot delight, jasmine, the sparkle of honey-spiked homemade lemonade, buttery smoothness and a hard candy residual.
  • About: Raquel is one of many Lassos, a multi-generational family of traditional coffee producers in Nariño. Through the NGO she co-founded, FUDAM, Raquel has dedicated her life to championing sustainable development in her community — the majority being small, traditional coffee growers like her family and her extended family. A particular focus of Raquel’s work is empowering women within households towards financial autonomy through funded agricultural projects (both within and outside of coffee). Roasted by Small Batch Roaster
  • Serves per pack: 1 (12g)

  • To Purchase this amazing coffee, Click here 

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