Espresso + Milk

Coffee Class: Espresso + Milk at Home

Class Description: In our 'Espresso + Milk at Home' coffee class, we cover the fundamentals of espresso brewing. How to operate a machine, create a recipe, taste and troubleshoot a recipe and quickly and easily make changes to our coffee so we can have consistently delicious results. We will also cover how to texture and steam milk in order to achieve a glossy and shiny product that we can use to create all your favourite milk drinks. To finish things off we cover the basics of pouring Latte Art!

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Class Size: 4 persons maximum
  • Location: La Veen Coffee - HQ - T34. Raine Square / 300 Murray st. Perth WA
  • Who Is This Class For?: Our classes are designed for coffee lovers + enthusiasts! If you want to make delicious espresso coffee at home and/or are looking for your first step to working in the coffee industry, then this class is perfect for you!

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