Exotic Drip Bag - Guatemala La Reforma [Gesha]

Exotic Coffees are single origin and rotate frequently based on seasonality. They present a Fruity + Aromatic flavour enjoyed black.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Producer: Perez Family
Varietal + Process: Gesha, Washed Process 
Flavour: Floral, bergamot and citrus
Serves per pack: 1 (12g)
About: An incredible special offering from our dear friends, the Perez Family. We have worked with the Perez Family for more than 5 years now, buying their coffee; Finca Isnul and San Antonio Chaguite to name a few. Year after year we have been amazed by their meticulous farming procedures that is then reflected in the cup. Roasted by Reuben Hills.

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