Exotic Drip Bag - Ethiopia Rumudamo [C.O.E #2]

Exotic Coffees are single origin and rotate frequently based on seasonality. They present a Fruity + Aromatic flavour enjoyed black.

Country: Ethiopia
Origin: Arbegonia, Sidama
Producer: Bogale Woldehana
Varietal + Process: 74110, Washed Process 
Flavour: Floral; fragrance of jasmine, honeysuckle, lavender & coriander. Juicy fruit flavours of strawberry, peach & orange. Complex acidity balanced with brown sugar & maple syrup, long-lasting finish.
Serves per pack: 1 (12g)
About: It’s momentous, unprecedented, all those big words that don’t fit on a small label. For the first time in 20 years, Cup of Excellence (the Oscars of coffee) has had the chance to include Ethiopia, coffee’s birthplace & leader. Ever since the comp was announced, it’s been on like Donkey Kong. A staggering 1459 coffee sample entries were received. New price records were set left, right & centre. COE worked its signature magic in quality discovery, creating new market opportunities & higher prices for producers like Rumudamo’s Bogale Woldehana & his team. Thanks for sharing in a taste of this (another big word) splurge-worthy coffee. Roasted by Single O. 

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